ceiling light  Pompadour room
coffer light
circular pendant with glass sheets
glass tube column light
glass tube pendant @bar

custom-made hotel lighting

ceiling light with pink beads

basket made of pink beads in different

sizes. Off-white ceramic roses around

the frame-ring and as ending to the bottom bead chains.

frame: white powder-coated 

d. 120 cm

h.  80 cm

lighting:  12x G9 Halopin




coffer light

brass branches with off-white cermic


frame: white powder coated


l.   290 cm

w. 200 cm


lighting :  95x LED G4 1W




circular pendant with glass sheets

structured glass sheets mounted on

a metal substructure


d. 150 cm

h.   30 cm


lighting :  12x G9 Halopin




column light

2 side-elements made of clear glass tubes. Crystal chains made of octagons in the center of each element.


d.   18 cm ( side-element )

h. 100 cm


lighting:  1x Downlight GU10




pendant with transparent glass tubes

Curved elements made of glass tubes

d.1 cm, mirror plate reflector

finish: bronze antique


l. 300 cm

w. 80cm

h. 100 cm


lighting:   12x Downlight GU10

                 12x G9 Halopin

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