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LIGHT\SPOT No. 1  ATARA design

© ATARA design

light panel LIGHT\SPOT No. 1

fibre optics interlaced in metal coated fabric

bicolor, LED

dimensions as pictured:

length: 90 cm, 

width:   60 cm

size variable

The translucent fibre optics of LIGHT/SPOT No. 1

are interlaced in a metal coated fabric and gently light up the room.

The pleated. two-coloured fabric creates a three-dimensional effect. Depending on the viewer’s position, the light panel changes in colour and depth.

This object of the LIGHT\SPOT-series is illuminated by LED. This not only saves energy, but creates a unique atmosphere.
The dimmer regulates the illuminating power.

LIGHT\SPOT No. 1 was presented in Vienna at the exhibition “architecture and glass” as part of the fair architect at work  2016.

© ATARA design

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